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Flint Odyssey House 529 M.L.K. Blvd. Flint, MI 48502 (810) 238-5888

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Welcome to Odyssey Village


Flint and Saginaw Odyssey House drug and alcohol treatment programs continue as the heart of the Odyssey Village’s holistic and comprehensive recovery management service array.  In addition to providing residential and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment services in both Flint and Saginaw, the Odyssey Village includes a virtual village of services that recognizes addiction as a chronic problem that requires a long term relationship through a therapeutic community.

The Odyssey Village is a drug-free comprehensive recovery community that serves as a microcosm of society. Our holistic person approach challenges  participants to be economically self-reliant, develop positive character , and become spiritually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically healthy in a lifestyle of sobriety.

"The goal is to change one person’s life, which will affect not only their family, but their community and future generations."

The Odyssey Concept is designed to be inclusive, not exclusive. Our participants are diverse—culturally, economically and politically. The unique blend creates a therapeutic community that is experientially and educationally essential to the treatment process. Each person no matter their race, ethnicity, gender or economic back ground brings their own unique talent and story to the Village. (Brochure)