Session 9 - Substance Use Communication

The primary focus of this session is on:

  • Provide information and building skills for preventing or reducing substance use and abuse.
  • Promote social competence with regard to avoiding or reducing substance use.

The particular emphasis will be on:

  • Building positive family communication and refusal skills regarding substance abuse.
  • Identifying ways to have fun without using tobacco, drugs or alcohol.

Knowledge –Attitudes –Skills Expected

At the end of this session participants will be able to:
  • 1. Discuss the short- and long-term negative health effects of using alcohol and marijuana.
  • 2. Demonstrate positive communication skills when discussing family values and expectations about adolescent risky behaviors and fathers as role models.
  • 3. Feel comfortable discussing issues related to substance use and abuse.
  • 4. Recognize the important part that fathers play as role models of positive health behaviors for their sons and vice versa.


  • Affirmation & Meditation
  • PowerPoint Presentations:
    • Substance Use Prevention for Fathers
    • Substance Use Prevention for Sons
  • Family Communication Exercise
Homework Due
  • Family Mission Statement
  • PALA+ Physical Activity and Nutrition Log #1
Homework Assigned
  • Fathers and Sons Letters
  • PALA+ Physical Activity and Nutrition Log #2
Materials Needed
  • Facilitator Script for PowerPoint Slides (Substance Use Prevention for sons and Substance Use Prevention for fathers)
  • Handouts of presentations
  • Script for Fathers Substance Use Prevention
  • List of Community Resources
  • Chalkboard or Flip Chart
  • Markers
Session Outline
  • Quick Overview of Today’s Session (5 minutes)
  • Check-In (10 minutes)
  • Activities (85 minutes)
    • AFfirmation & Meditation (10 minutes)
    • Sharing Pictures and Discussion (Sons) (20 minutes)
    • PowerPoint Presentations for Sons and Fathers on Substance Use Prevention (40 minutes)
    • Family Communication Exercises (35 minutes)
    • Homework Assignment (5 minutes)
    • Closing Summary (5 minutes)
    • Check-Out (10 minutes)


Lesson Plan

PowerPoint Materials

Substance Use (Fathers) Substance Use (Fathers) Script Substance Use (Sons) Substance Use (Sons) Script

Activities and Handouts

Addiction Resources Washington Park Communication About Drugs - Sons Activity Sheet Family Communication Exercise Fathers Substance Use Activity


Physical Activity and Nutrition Log 2 Fathers and Sons Letters
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