Session 6 - Fathers and Sons Having Their Say

The primary focus of this session is to:

  • Find out what has been helpful about the program and what challenges may need to be addressed.
  • Reinforce what has been learned and determining content areas that need strengthening.
  • Identify additional issues or challenges that fathers and sons are facing external to the program that may be interfering with their progress with program activities.
  • Help fathers and sons select a community service project as an opportunity to give back to the community and bond with one another.

The particular emphasis will be on:

  • Creating an environment that allows participants to feel comfortable sharing their feelings and experiences.
  • Mapping out strategies for solutions to challenges identified during the session.
  • Documenting the experiences of fathers and sons in the program through qualitative data collection appropriate for the process evaluation of the program.
  • Demonstrating the value of community service and assisting fathers and sons as they prepare for a volunteer opportunity.

Knowledge –Attitudes –Skills Expected

At the end of this session participants will be able to:
  • 1. Express their feelings about the program.
  • 2. More readily identify ways to begin to solve some of the challenges identified during the session.
  • Feel more comfortable claiming ownership of the program.
  • Identify volunteer opportunities in the Chicago area and participate in a community service activity.


  • Fathers and sons rap session:
    • Topics to be discussed include:
      • Benefits of the program
      • Areas for improvement
      • Next steps in the program
      • Issues they are facing
  • Planning a Community Service Activity
  • Discussion: Evolution of Technology
  • PowerPoint Presentations:
    • Evolution of Technology Trivia
    • Using Technology to Stay Connected
  • Do you know the Texting Lingo?
  • Work on Memory Book
Homework Due
  • None
Homework Assigned
  • No homework assigned
Materials Needed
  • Rap Session Guide
  • Paper
  • Pencils / Pens
  • Flip Chart
  • Community Service Activities Handout
  • Tape Recorder
Session Outline
  • Quick Overview of Today’s Session (5 minutes)
  • Check-In (10 minutes)
  • Activities (85 minutes)
    • Fathers and Sons Rap Session (55 minutes)
    • Planning Community Service Activity (30 minutes)
  • Closing Summary (5 minutes)
  • Check-Out (10 minutes)


Lesson Plan

Activities and Handouts

Community Service Ideas Rap Session Discussion Questions

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