Session 3 - People of African Heritage

The primary focus of this session is to:

  • Familiarize participants with cultural practices, values, and beliefs of African people.
  • Encourage ethnic pride as a health promotion concept.

The particular emphasis will be on:

  • Discussing the meaning and value of African symbolism to African American culture.
  • Reinforcing African culture as part of African American heritage.
  • Encouraging participants to interact while working creatively and cooperatively to develop a strong sense of ethnic pride.

Knowledge –Attitudes –Skills Expected

At the end of this session participants will be able to:
  • 1. Identify the continent of Africa and locate Ghana and Ivory Coast on a map of Africa.
  • 2. Explain the importance of Adinkra symbols and cloth to the people of West Africa and the values expressed through these symbols.
  • 3. Understand the importance of African culture to African American heritage, along with the values and beliefs for family.


  • Affirmation & Meditation
  • Powerpoint Presentation
    • People of African Heritage: Brief History on Adinkra Symbolism
  • Painting with a Twist: Adinkra Symbols
Homework Due
  • Fathers and Sons Letters
Homework Assigned
  • African American History Quiz
  • Group Naming Assignment with Adinkra symbols
Materials Needed
  • Handouts: Map of Africa and Adinkra symbols
  • Facilitator script for PowerPoint slides (People of African Heritage: Brief History on Adinkra Symbolism)
  • Supply boxes
  • Easel or Flip chart
  • Canvases
  • Tempera paint (water colors)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cups to hold water for painting
  • Paper plates or palettes for paints
  • Camera for taking pictures during activities
  • Jumbo flash cards of Adinkra symbols with meanings on reverse side
Session Outline
  • Quick Overview of Today’s Session (5 minutes)
  • Check-In (10 minutes)
  • Activities (85 minutes)
    • Affirmations & Meditation (10 minutes)
    • PowerPoint Presentation
      • People of African Heritage: Brief History on Adinkra Symbolism (15 minutes)
    • Painting with a Twist: Adinkra Symbols (1 hour)
  • Homework Assignment (5 minutes)
  • Closing Summary (5 minutes)
  • Check-Out (10 minutes)


Lesson Plan

Powerpoint Materials

People of African Heritage People of African Heritage Facilitator Script

Activities and Handouts

Adinkra Symbols Cover Adinkra Symbols and Meaning Africa Map - Blank Africa Map - Complete


F & S Group Naming Assignment African American History Quiz
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