Session 11 - Violence Communication

The primary focus of this session is on:

  • Provide information and building skills for preventing or reducing violence and other risky behaviors.

The particular emphasis will be on:

  • Building positive communication skills within families.
  • Encouraging positive and creative methods of emotion expression.
  • Increasing paternal efficacy in talking with sons about violence within a cultural context.
  • Enhancing self-regulation among sons.

Knowledge –Attitudes –Skills Expected

At the end of this session participants will be able to:
  • 1. Discuss the effects of violent behavior for African American youth.
  • 2. Become more comfortable discussing issues and family values and expectations related to violent behavior among adolescents.
  • 3. Recognize the important part that fathers play as role models of positive health behaviors for their sons.


  • Affirmation & Meditation
  • PowerPoint Presentation: Youth Violence Prevention.
  • Discussion: Violence
  • Violence Brainstorming Activity
  • Fathers and Sons Peace Murals
Homework Due
  • Sex Delaying Tactics / Reaching Hopes and Dreams
  • Turn in cameras
Homework Assigned
  • Black Family Pledge Against Violence
Materials Needed
  • Facilitator script for PowerPoint slides (Youth Violence Prevention)
  • Handouts of presentation
  • Art Boxes
  • White paper (preferably larger than 81/2 X 11)
  • White paper cut into puzzle pieces
  • Markers or Colored Pencils
  • Chalkboard or Flip Chart
Session Outline
  • Quick Overview of Today’s Session (5 minutes)
  • Check-In (10 minutes)
  • Activities (85 minutes)
    • Affirmation & Meditation (10 minutes)
    • PowerPoint Presentation: Youth Violence Prevention (20 minutes)
      • Group Discussion on Violence (10 minutes)
    • Violence Brainstorm Activity (15 minutes)
    • Fathers and Sons Peace Murals (30 minutes)
  • Homework Assignment (5 minutes)
  • Closing Summary (5 minutes)
  • Check-Out (10 minutes)


Lesson Plan

PowerPoint Materials

Violence Prevention Violence Prevention Script


Black Families Pledge Against Violence Template Black Family Pledge
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