Session 8 - Parenting Behaviors and Social Networks

The primary focus of this session is on:

  • Utilize parents as role models.
  • Discuss parent-child expectations.
  • Identify personal relationships and social support.
  • Identify community resources and social support.

The particular emphasis will be on:

  • Discussing the importance of fathers as role models.
  • Determining father-son expectations for the future.
  • Identifying important people in the son’s life and discussing the nature and functions of these relationships, especially as they relate to health risk and protective behaviors.
  • Determining what types of support fathers have and/or need to help them enhance their relationship with their sons.
  • Discussing available community and institutional support to assist fathers in supporting their families.

Knowledge –Attitudes –Skills Expected

At the end of this session participants will be able to:
  • 1. Articulate the importance of fathers as role models.
  • 2. Identify relevant personal/family expectations related to substance use, violent behavior and early sexual initiation.
  • 3. Identify important people in each other’s lives.
  • 4. Discuss the nature and function of these particular relationships.
  • 5. Become aware of both informal and formal support available to help fathers and sons strengthen their relationships in the community.


  • Affirmation & Meditation
  • Sharing Homework Pictures
  • Family Role Reversal Play Activity
  • Social Networks Activity
  • Family Tree Activity
Homework Due
  • Writing a Family Play
Homework Assigned
  • Family Mission Statement
  • Picture Taking
Materials Needed
  • Role play scripts
  • Family tree diagrams, instructions and art boxes
  • Social network diagrams and instructions
  • Flipchart or chalkboard to draw and complete concentric circles
  • Cameras
Session Outline
  • Quick Overview of Today’s Session (5 minutes)
  • Check-In (10 minutes)
  • Activities (85 minutes)
    • AFfirmation & Meditation (10 minutes)
    • Sharing Pictures and Discussion (Sons) (20 minutes)
    • Family Role Play (Fathers and sons) (15 minutes)
    • Social Networks Activity (Sons with fathers’ assistance) (15 minutes)
    • Breakout Session (20 minutes)
      • FATHERS–Social Network Activity “Community and Institutional Support”
      • SONS–Family Tree Activity
    • Homework Assignment (5 minutes)
    • Closing Summary (5 minutes)
    • Check-Out (10 minutes)


Lesson Plan

Activities and Handouts

Social Networking Instructions Family Tree Instructions (Genealogy) Social Networking Diagram Family Tree


Family Mission Statement
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