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Saginaw Odyssey House, Inc.

Odyssey Village

The Odyssey Village is a drug-free comprehensive recovery community that serves as a microcosm of society. Our holistic whole person approach challenges residents to be responsible for their behavior, develop positive character, and become spiritually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically healthy with a lifestyle of sobriety.
The goal is to change one person’s life, which will affect not only their family, but their community and future generations.
The Saginaw Odyssey House program has demonstrated effectively the expectations of Geniuses Health System, Family Court, Child and Family services, and Family drug court.  We have exceedingly substantiated stabilizing, preparing,and supporting vulnerable individuals and families towards healing and self-sufficiency.
  • Person Centered
  • Comprehensive
  • Trauma Specific
  • Dual Capable
  • Integrated
  • Culturally Competent
  • Long Term (3-12 months)

What is a Therapeutic Community ?

The Therapeutic Community (TC) is an experiential learning approach which utilizes the simulation of real-life experiences in a structured environment.  The community stimulates the display and recognition of a range psychological disorders related to the disease of addiction.
The Odyssey House method of treatment consists of three phases: 
Pretreatment (engagement), treatment and post treatment (reentry)
Individualized care plans are designed too:
  • Developing attitude for treatment engagement
  • Increase self control,self efficiency and emotional stability
  • Build skills and promote improved self-reflection
  • Build confidence and competence in making decisions and meeting new challenges
  • Implement knowledge and skills towards a new recovery lifestyle
The Saginaw Comprehensive Family Treatment programs are state designed providers for:
Priority Populations:
  • Pregnant/Post part um
  • Pregnant IDU
  • Families Involved with Child Welfare
  • IDU Women
Our goal is to provide evidence based comprehensive care to families regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Individualized Therapy and Case Management for the whole family
  • Gender specific focus groups addressing such issues as domestic violence and sexual trauma
  • Parenting groups
  • Family Education and Family Therapy
  • Culture and Recreational activities
  • Vocational and educational support
  • Comprehensive Case Management
  • Licensed Day Care Facility
We view an intake as a crisis unfolding and we are committed being responsive and readily available to serve your needs.
Should any difficulties with accessibility occur please contact us.
Kristen Senters Program Director               (989)-915-3056
Kim Shewmaker Administrative Director     (810)-516-8313
Ronald Brown Executive Director               (810)-610-8503

We Keep Families Together

Our Women and Children’s Speciality Programming allows a mother and all of her minor children (newborn-17) to reside together in a modified and enhanced therapeutic community, which provides the structure and support for a full continuum of services for both the mother and all of her children.  Programming combines treatment and prevention services towards breaking the cycle of addiction.
Odyssey has a proven record of success advocating for and supporting the reunification and stabilization of families.
The Saginaw Odyssey House current provides the same award winning programing for parenting fathers.